Monday, January 27, 2014

back in the swing of things...

getting back into our routine and daily life! the boys are LOVING basketball...its sooooo fun to see them work together on the same team. logan has really improved this year, and has become and amazing team leader. his skills have really improved, but i just love seeing him encourage the younger guys, and especially ian....he cheers them on, and even though he may be able to drive in for a shot, he still looks around and just warms my heart so much to see them both maturing. they both seem to feed off each other in such positive ways and give each other confidence. so special!
love my monthly lunches with aunt ann! trying to get a bunch in before she retires soon and won't be working right next door to me!
family night out! boys made straight a's and get free icecream at Spoons!!
we got a huge treat!! snow in bryan!! it is so rare here...this is the first time since we moved here that it has snowed, so the boys were thrilled. it wasn't very much...but still fun! our yard is so worn down from all the boys playing football that the snow really stuck on the low looked like we were the only ones who got snow! :)

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