Monday, April 16, 2012

the newlys in town!

our little group we call the "newlys" (all recently married) came in for a visit! it was soooo special having these friends here...they are all near and dear to our hearts, so having them come to see what our world is like right now was just so fun! (though we did miss caitlin and russell who weren't able to come)...we started the day by watching logan's first baseball game! several of this group were also present at logan's first soccer game when he was 4!!! so we were excited for them to see him play again! of course, we had to introduce them to Fuego Tortilla Grill for lunch...then we spent most of the afternoon hanging out at the park. we made homemade pizza for dinner and enjoyed just chilling and sitting in the hot tub.

super. special. group.

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