Wednesday, April 7, 2010

different kids

its still amazing every day how you can raise kids with the same two parents and the same techniques, and them turn out soooo different. one of my favorite examples was a few years ago...logan and ian used to love to play with money....ya know, just a big pile of pennies and such. they were argueing, so i split them up, and gave them each their own pile of pennies. i watched, very amused, as logan maticulously lined up each penny, and then made more lines and rows perfectly ordered. then right beside him, ian had handlfuls of pennies that he was dropping on his own head...and then he actually laid down in the pennies and moved his arms and legs as if he was making a snow angel in the pennies. so different!!!

i saw another key difference yestarday. when logan started pre-k, he was overly excited about the aspect of doing homework. i would venture to say giddy. he didn't get very much, but every time he had a coloring project or reading assignment...that was the first thing he did when he got home. pull out his project and finish it. he always had such a sense of accomplishment from those simple projects he called 'homework'.
well, ian has started pre-k. and he got homework yestarday. i assumed he would be thrilled, just like logan was with his first assignment. as we got in the car, i was excitedly talking about the 'homework' he had been given and said we could do it when we get he buckled up in the car, he sighed and said, "i don't want to do it right now'....i was a little surprised, but gave him some space. he had, after all, just had a long 3 hours at pre-k! so after we had been home awhile, he was drawing in his notebook, and i reminded him of the coloring project he had from school. once again, sigh, then "i'll do that after i'm finished with this"....such a different response than i expected!
thankfully this morning, he finished one of the projects...making progress! :):)

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