Wednesday, October 21, 2009

State Fair

its a family tradition to go to the state fair! its ridiculously expensive, but we manage to do ok, since we get free tickets, and take our own food/snacks...the boys love it! their favorite part is always the petting zoo...and they love the dog show, and building with all the food samples. :) we were joined by their cousin max this year (and kyle's dad and sister/boyfriend)....
tysen and max watching the goats...(this is about where max found some goat food and ate it-yum!)

logan loved this cowboy area since he has a newfound love for football...and the cowboys!
naptime...thank heavens! we got to sample foods while he was sleeping!
traditional family picture....

"i'll trade ya my chex cereal for a cheerio!"
our one treat...fried oreos....o my gosh--soooooooo good!

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Mrs. Valente said...

Fun! And ohmygosh, Kris, you look awesome! I saw a pic of you on FB (I think it was from Gari-Anne's wedding), and you look just like you did in HS!