Wednesday, October 21, 2009

my little men

since i've recently found a place to print my blog, i'm determined to record memories, and funny one day they can look back and see what they were like when they were little. its definately not because i have a terrible long term memory. ha!

so...typically there will be short little stories here and there, but since i have been horrible about this in the past, this one is going to be a long one. i don't want to forget the little things that i love about my boys...

a few things i love about my little men...

...i love the way that logan cannot hide his dimples when i start to talk about them. he just grins and grins, and he can try as hard as he can not to smile, but those dimples always poke through!
...i love it when the boys play together. like, when they pulled berries off the bushes, and put them in their bamboo sticks, and made "super berry bombs".
...i love the way ian adjust his glasses whenever he is talking with little girls, or when someone compliments his new glasses.
...i love it when tysen says "lav-la" (meaning 'love you').
...i love ian's imagination--i swear we could make a movie of his life and make millions if we could record him 24-7.
...i love that the boys love worship music! their favorite song right now is "there is no one like you".
...i love to see tysen stop and swing his arms while he bounces to music.
...i LOVE to see the boys get so excited when they see their cousins.
...i love how ian expresses things with his hands. its like he's teaching a lecture.
...i love that andy takes them out one at a time every wednesday morning for breakfast. and i love that we won't talk about it for 2 weeks, but logan never forgets when its his turn!
...i love it when tysen does something to make the boys laugh, and then he keeps doing it to get more and more laughs. tonight it was logan saying "tysen, did you toot?" (he was honestly just asking), and tysen leaned forward, pointed at him and said "too?" and the boys just rolled with laughter. so tysen kept saying it over and over, and then throwing his head back with dramatic laughter.
...i love how ian watches his reflection in the tv when he's talking to me.
...i love that when we pull up to the church, tysen starts squealing "daddy!!"
...i love that logan organizes and follows the rules.
...i love ian's macho strut.
...i love ian's comparisons. "hey! that boy's name is max, just like my cousin's name is max!"
...i love how tysen says 'no'...its a very dramatic "ohhhhhh".
...i love to walk in and find a fort of blankets all over the living room (as much as i hate the mess)
...i love my new "mom to three boys" t-shirt!!!
...i love family walks.
...i love being the only girl.
...i love to hear the boys bring up Jesus when talking with random kids at the dentist.
...i love pictures of my family.
...i love it when logan and ian will randomly quote a Bible verse they learned at church.
...i love movie nights...and can't wait for tysen to be older so we can all enjoy them!
...i love when ian draws our family and i'm the biggest one on the page (cuz it means he loves me the most). :)
...i love to see tysen run and attack the older boys.
...i love all that all 3 have big blue eyes.

i think the main point is clear...

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Mrs. Valente said...

Oh, I just love all of these! And I can't even imagine being the only girl, but I hope you are milking that for everything it's worth!:)