Monday, September 1, 2008

Return of Batman...

Thanks to one of our JV leaders, Caitlin, who found this amazing costume for Ian for his birthday! He pretty much wants to wear the mask and cape all day long...he is so animated and so passionate about the "super hero" time you see him, just watch the way he walks, or really, its a macho strut...i like to call it the matt stewart strut. (all of you who knew matt in college know exactly what i'm talking about!)


Unknown said...

Ian, don't ever lose that strut! No matter how much you're ridiculed, remember... It works! The ladies love it and you'll have to beat them off with a stick. You're not a Stewart, but you can atleast walk like a Stewart and have the coolness factor.

Stud Uncle Matt

P.S. Superheroes are greatness, I'll teach how to be one when you're older and you figure out your powers. The 'strut' is the first cue of your superherodom. You are on the list.

Perez Family said...

So Jimmy pulled up your blog and told me make sure Elijah doesn't see that (referring to Ian's costume)...he is going to want one just like it. All we ever talk about these days is Superman/Spiderman/Batman/Star Wars, etc! We also are in this robot phase?...I tell him something to do and he walks and talks like a robot, it's really lovely! :)