Monday, July 25, 2016

zephyr part 2

we did one extra camp this year without the band...on our one day off, we drove for the day to port aransas, where the marshalls just happened to be staying for the week! got to enjoy some time at the beach, and recharging and relaxing time with friends. the major downside was that andy was getting he was not feeling very well. HUGE BUMMER as he got more and more sick throughout the week...but he pressed through and finished strong despite being sick!
tysen did the cargo net again...and this time, ian braved it as well! so proud of them both!! I wasn't sure ian was going to make it down the zip line....he looked like he was going to throw up...he told me later he felt a little nauseous...but he mustered up the courage and was so glad he finished it!
the ride home was pretty quiet...:)

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