Monday, June 13, 2016

schlitterbahn vacation

we had been trying to think of a small family vacation, and I found a groupon deal for schlitterbahn, and we went for it! pulled the boys out of the last 3 days of school...and stayed at the resort and spent a couple days playing at the waterpark! we were worried about it raining the whole time, but it actually was perfect (in spite of some rain)....and we got plenty of fun in the sun! the boys finally agreed to try all of the rides (ok, yes we bribed them with dip'n'dots), and thankfully, they ended up loving them! their favorite was a lazy river/wave pool combo...I don't know the real name, but we called it the 'wavy lazy'....we had such a great time!!! our last stop on the way home was the pizza buffet at gattitown!

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