Sunday, December 13, 2015

Nov 19

november 19 was logan's 12th birthday! we are so proud to be this kid's parents! he is a lot like me in personality...which can cause us some strife here and there....but it also really helps me to understand him. he is a boy of very few words. very little emotion. but it makes those little glimpses of his sweet heart so special. he shows us here and there but he is very introverted, so getting him to talk about his feelings is impossible. :) he thrives on being with his friends. he is energized by their company...constantly needing to be around them. thankfully, he has an incredible group of friends around him. so many are on our street...and more in his small group at church. as he is getting older, we are headed away from birthday parties, so he chose 5 friends to take to golden corral for dinner to celebrate his birthday.
he is now 5 feet tall (he grew 3 1/2 inches last year!)...he loves minecraft and playing outside with his friends. he enjoys action movies and his favorite show right now is "once upon a time". best buds are carson marshall, james lindsey, andrew buban, michael clark, and luke robertson. love, love, love our little lowg dawg!!

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