Wednesday, November 18, 2015

october fly by

sometimes life goes so fast i just have to hit some highlights. although, i do feel like i say that a lot....*sigh*....but here we go.
sweet sweet college leader, kasey is now engaged to ryan. major deal. can't wait for the wedding!
just cause

karis and thomas came for a visit. o my, her baby belly had grown! we went and i got my ear pierced...i have wanted to for my 36th birthday, but waited until her visit. we also took some cute family pics, but i'll post those later.
date night. free tickets to see chris tomlin. love time out with this man!
we had planned to go for a quick ft worth visit to see max and graham play soccer. sadly, it RAINED the whole time. it was less than 24 hours, but oh we loved that time to catch up. we stayed in all day and ordered pizza since it was raining.

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