Tuesday, August 6, 2013

the last week of july...

this had to have been one of our craziest weeks yet. sunday, we left after church and headed to van, tx to drop off logan for his first week of camp! our dear friend, kyle atwater, worked it all out for him to be able to go...we are so grateful for him making it all possible!! logan had a BLAST.
logan's counselors, jared, michael, and korey

kyle was able to come hang out with logan here and there, but one morning he took him on a special fishing trip. just so thankful for this guy who pours into my son...
right after we dropped off logan, we headed out to cleburne to have quality time with the sisters and cousins! stacy came with aubren and milia, mom came one night, and karis came 2 different nights...its always special to get that kind of time...chaotic at times...and stressful when all the kids are tired and you're trying to get 9 kids in bed...but totally worth it!!! making memories that they will all remember!!
i had to get my girlie time in...this time, instead of doing hair, we did make up!!!
at the same time we were headed to sky ranch and cleburne...andy was headed out to oklahoma...taking the youth kids on a mission trip. i've heard such amazing stories from that trip. God is good.
i got home with ian and tysen on thursday, and andy got home friday night around 10:30....the next morning we headed out at 6:30am to go back to sky ranch and pick up logan. after all the closing stuff, we were able to go to lunch with kyle and his mom...well worth the trip!! but we were exhausted by the time we got home...ian asked if we could just stay home for awhile and not go anywhere...i'm with you, buddy!

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