Monday, January 14, 2013


logan and ian had their very first basketball games!!  logan has always loved sports, but ian is more the artistic type, and likes to play here and there, but nothing that consumes him. i have tried several different sport options over the past year and he just isn't interested....though he always said, "maybe basketball when it's here". i was thrilled when he wanted to play...he has never liked being in front of people, and i think that was the primary reason he didn't want to play sports. but he has been really excited, and they have both had several practices and were ready to play! the games were SO fun to watch as a parent. i love the "upward" program because there's not a high competitive level...which i didn't want for ian's first experience... we are really excited for this season!
tysen and buddy gideon were hanging out while the brothers played!
ian scored a goal...which i could tell really boosted his confidence. logan has played baseball before....but this was ian's first time to ever play a team sport...we were such proud parents!

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