Tuesday, December 6, 2011

its that time of year...

well, we're back to that time of year...family pictures. coming from a family of photographers...its impossible to skip this part of the year...its a tradition! mom was in town...and we used a family friend's home to attempt the family shoot!

don't we look happy? doesn't this look easy? don't be fooled. it's still a beating...every time!

i keep thinking it will get easier each year...and it does in some ways, and does NOT in others! now the boys are old enough to understand, and they obey and pose and all that...but now, i'm battling against the "fake" smile!

hmm...i wonder where they get that from?

but despite the struggles (we were also fighting off swarms of mosquitos), we managed to get a few good shots...way to push through it for your mom, boys!

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