Monday, July 4, 2011

pounding and painting

andy's first sunday at 'faith bible church' was amazing! he led worship for the first time for adults...and did sooo good! he never ceases to make me proud! the very next week he preached and was once again amazing. i feel crazy blessed....
speaking of blessed...on our first sunday at church, they did a "pounding" for us....i had never even heard of it, but essentially everyone in the church just gave us a ton of getting started supplies and gift cards! i was soooo overwhelmed by everyone's generosity. i actually had to re-arrange my kitchen to fit all the new groceries! we felt so appreciated and loved...what a warm welcome in our new church home!

last week jenn martin and her boys came to visit us! she brought all her paint supplies and we got to work painting over the red! i'm not a big 'painter'...but i was also not a fan of the red entry i was thankful for a friend to come and help!! and the boys had a blast with friends here!! it was so much fun!


after....ah....much better!!

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