Tuesday, December 28, 2010


lots of running around this year during the holidays! we started on the 23rd at mom's place with all of the kazee/carey clan...we spent the night, and then had our traditional christmas breakfast and opened presents and stockings...
logan, aubren, reagan, kenzie, milia, ian, tysen, audrey, and zach...

tysen and milia playing with milia's new toys!

karis won the award for best gift for mom. it was a book called "awkward family photos"...and we sat here for quite awhile laughing at that book!

we went home for christmas eve and mom and uncle dan dan spent the night with us too! the boys got to open their gifts on christmas morning at home! an exciting detail that shouldn't be forgotten is that about a week prior, we answered a knock on the door, only to find someone had left us a present....the card wasn't signed....but the gift was a brand new wii!
God truly continues to amaze us with his blessings!!!

andy put together a scavenger hunt with clues to find the wii!!

and of course, we couldn't get the wii to work because there was a short in the tv connections...so, dan and andy took the tv apart, and dan did some magical work, and got everything fixed up!!! :)

christmas night we went to the vanderveers, but i regrettably forgot my camera...we had a great time, and spent the night there...let's just say i shouldn't need to eat for a week!

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