Monday, October 4, 2010


a sunday evening at home....what to do, what to do? we mustered up the strength to stay home (even just going out for icecream can cost our family $12-15) we stayed in and decided to make our own treats and play a family game. it was so much fun! we used what ingredients we happen to have on hand, and the boys loved being involved in picking the treats...we dumped everything in a big bowl and mixed it up. i tried to get them to come up with some creative name that would be a vanderveer came up with 'flavors'. i worked hard to offer some crazy names, but he was set on flavors, and ian just didn't care....
so 'flavors' it is!
making the popcorn that we added after it cooled off!
this bunch of flavors consisted of marshmellows, animal crackers, chocolate chips, honey chex cereal, and popcorn...(andy wanted to use m&ms, which would have also been really good, but the choc chips we used were milk ian could enjoy the chocolate too!)

"testing" the popcorn before adding it!

the game of choice...Disney Scene it!

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Keri Thorkildsen said...

You are so creative Kristin! I love this idea. You're such a great mom. I was so glad to see you yesterday & so sad to miss the oldee 2. Maybe we could play on monday or tuesday. we'll probably head back to CO late tuesday or wednesday.