Thursday, September 2, 2010

i just thought i would write a minute as i sit here and watch ian and tysen dance their hearts out to the soundtrack to highschool musical 3...ian is totally in character, and i'm not gonna lie, the kid has some moves! of course, he's also in the middle of a basketball game (as in the movie)...but its all very entertaining!

logan is sitting beside me...he stayed home from school today with a fever and sore throat. i've been trying to get him to start reading chapter books for several months, and he kept saying they were too long. today i finally convinced him to give it another try, and just read a little, then break. he read all the way to the dr....while we waited...all the way home...and he's picked it back up, and is laying on the couch reading. oh, how this warms my heart! my little reader!!! actually this is more like his aunt carleigh who was the reader when we were kids, but i'm so excited that he's enjoying it! so many possibilities in books!!!

we attempted potty training with tysen for 2 days. he does ok....if i take him every 45 min...but that is not being potty trained to me! that's too much work for me! he was sooo excited and its just too cute when he puts both arms out (still on the toilet) and yells "hey everybody!! i goed pee-pee in the potty!" ...and its just me that is home....
o well, back to diapers, but we will try again fairly soon!

we have been surviving the new schedule decently. though it takes its toll in ways i hadn't even thought of....andy is gone tues/thurs from 5:30am-7:30pm... and on wed. he goes to work around lunch, and works until 10 because of youth group....i'm coping with it....but laying in bed last night, i started thinking how the boys get way less time with andy than i do! i get to see him at night, but the boys go to bed earlier...and since they are in school all day...there are some weeks they only see him for 30-40 min. over the course of 4 days! andy are looking at our routine to see if there's a way to re-arrange stuff and change that. they have been asking about him a lot...and thankfully, this schedule is only a semester...but my prayers have changed from praying for strength and patience for myself to being for their sweet hearts during this time...

ian is thriving in kindergarten! i'm so thankful he has already made friends! i was worried about him being the youngest by a long way...but he actually has a little friend who is 2 days younger than he is! i was so excited to hear that! logan says he enjoys his new class too! he has several friends from his kinder class that he was glad about. poor tysen is adjusting, but asks constantly "it time to go get my broders?"...he misses them. but we keep max on mondays for this month, and so he has enjoyed having a playmate then.

tysen's most common phrase is "i'na do it myself!" most independent little man. the one who is desperate for people to listen to him. when we ask the boys to tell us about their day, with in 10 seconds, tysen is yelling "hey everybody...i gotta a big problem!!"...and he yells that until we ask him about it. its not a problem...its usually just something he sees...i don't know where that line came from, but he uses it a lot for attention! :) its pretty funny.

and now, logan has finished his first chapter book, and has uno all ready to play....some quality time with my boys....

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