Wednesday, July 7, 2010

july 4th

this year we went to ritchey and kobi's house to celebrate the 4th of july. they live in weatherford, so we got to do our own fireworks. we grilled out, and the food was awesome (thanks ritch), and of course, we all had a great time hanging out. it wasn't as hot as normal, which made it nice when we were outside. the fireworks scared the boys...but it was still fun. by the end of the night, ian was inside the house, and tysen would just cover his ears while in my lap.

max and tysen having twizzlers together. i think tysen had just finished his, but is still chewing.

tysen and katie...he follows her around constantly and asks for hugs from her...:)

his first sparkler....a little nervous, but didn't want to be left out!

tysen hanging out with ana and papaw....

not sure about ian's crazy eyes...but o well...

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