Saturday, July 4, 2009

proud moment

i've never pretended to be a "health nut" by any definition of the word...but i do try to instill a sense of health consciousness/self control in my boys. do we splurge sometimes? YES. do we give in some? YES. is my freezer always stocked with chicken nuggets and corn dogs? YES. but we also almost always have fresh fruit of some kind too.
its on the day to day basis that i try to always serve something that i can tell the boys "this makes you strong and healthy". and as a mom, do i always get to see the fruits of my labor? NO WAY. but the Lord gives me a glimpse every now and then...and even the tiniest thing gives my heart the greatest joy.

last night we were hanging with the family...well, we started the day at andy's parent's campsite in mineral wells, but when the thermastat read 107 at 4pm...and there were 16 of us trying to stay cool in the camper...we bailed (all of us) and moved our party to ritchey and kobi's house in weatherford. after dinner, we kept the vanderveer tradition of smores (though over the grill instead of campfire)...blah, blah, point is coming. we were getting our things together to leave, and logan came up, and said,
"mom, can i have 1 cookie before we leave? i only had 1 smore earlier..."
while this may not be a big deal to anyone else, my heart just about burst with pride, as my 5 year old had the discretion to only ask for ONE cookie....and he knew my first response was going to ask what dessert he had already he let me know he had only eaten ONE smore. so much self control in my little man.
i smiled at him, and said, "sure, buddy!"

i love that he came to ask me.
i love that he had eaten only 1 smore (unsupervised).
and i love that he only wanted 1 cookie.

now, does this always happen? NO.
but i must be doing something right. RIGHT??? :):)

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