Monday, July 7, 2008

Gone Again

I love these kind of pictures that show how much the boys are like their dad. This was just after Andy got back from his last trip...he decided to take a nap with Ian, and I went to drag them out of bed after 3 hours, and here's what I found!

So...Andy is gone for his second week long trip. They actually cut it short by 2 days, which I was super excited about...but he left today and will be home on Saturday. We are going to attempt this at home this we are filling up our days with as much as possible to keep us busy. And the older boys will get to spend the night with Uncle Joey and Aunt Kyle mid-week to give me a breather, so I think we'll be fine. This trip is with some of the SALT group(Servant And Leadership Training)...they are headed to Missouri for a week of serving in various ways...should be a great time! And a few pics as always...I might be posting more often this week as its also a way to give shout outs to daddy since he can check email at night!!

Tysen is 2 1/2 months, and steadily growing! Last time we went to the dr. she had to re-weigh him because she thought it strange that he had gained a whole pound in one week...but she's just not used to the Vanderveers...He's smiling so much now!! Makes it fun for everyone!
Ian is almost 3!!!! What am I going to do with my middle child??? He's hilarious!!! Very much into super heros...and his new "trick" is to show you his muscles. For awhile, he would walk up to virtually anyone and say "Watch this..." and then proceed to raise his eyebrows up and down...Now its "watch this", then raises his sleeves and flexes to show his muscles...

And then there's Logan...4 1/2 and officially signed up for soccer this fall!!! He is so excited and tells stories of what he's going to do in his games (though I'm still not sure he knows what a 'game' is)...He's loud...and has lots of energy...but such a sweet heart. He really doesn't like taking pictures too much, unless he gets to make funny faces.
I will never tire of saying...
my boys


carleigh said...

so cute! maybe we can make it out to see one of logans games... audrey will be starting ballet and tap this fall! can't believe they are finally getting old enough to be in stuff like that!

Molly said...

I love seeing their individual pictures and hearing about what they're into at the moment! Hope Ian is feeling better!