Friday, September 12, 2014

all about ian

oh ian. the middle child. all my boys have my heart in different ways...ian is my thoughtful kid. he is considerate and compassionate. ever since he was about 1, we have called him our 'gentle giant'...and he has lived up to that name! he is so tender hearted and kind. he is always the first one to apologize (unpromted) when the boys get in trouble. such a sweet sweet heart who seriously loves Jesus. i'm so proud to see him continue to grow in the Lord...its so evident in his life and i can't wait to see where the Lord leads him!!
this year, he opted out of a party...and he just wanted to go to grand station (arcade/bowling etc)....we brought his best friend, tyler prince, and got to bowling and do laser tag and arcades. aunt ann also came with us as her birthday is the day before ian's! 
on ian's birthday we took him lunch at school, then got to leave early as we were headed to dfw for labor day weekend! his choice for dinner was old family favorite!
what a sweet look as the waiters came to sing to him...he couldn't figure out how they knew!

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