Monday, June 13, 2016

early june happenings

what a sweet picture this is! my middle man is heading into middle school!
andy's 38th birthday was a blast! tysen made him his favorite breakfast (cereal) before work....he came home early and went for a jog (he loves that)...and then we went to a movie before dinner out! we gave him a gift card to lowes because he has been wanting some new tools...hopefully he will get to go soon and pick them out!
keeping ourselves entertained at the dentist...logan looks like a stinkin' teenager! he has literally grown so much in the past few months. won't be long before he passes me up! and then of course, smores frapps for all after enduring a long morning getting teeth cleanings!!

schlitterbahn vacation

we had been trying to think of a small family vacation, and I found a groupon deal for schlitterbahn, and we went for it! pulled the boys out of the last 3 days of school...and stayed at the resort and spent a couple days playing at the waterpark! we were worried about it raining the whole time, but it actually was perfect (in spite of some rain)....and we got plenty of fun in the sun! the boys finally agreed to try all of the rides (ok, yes we bribed them with dip'n'dots), and thankfully, they ended up loving them! their favorite was a lazy river/wave pool combo...I don't know the real name, but we called it the 'wavy lazy'....we had such a great time!!! our last stop on the way home was the pizza buffet at gattitown!

wrapping up may

well, we had some nasty weather come through at the end of the month. a tornado touched down about 2 miles from our house....and some major flooding in the same day! it had been raining like crazy all day, and as I went to pick up the boys, I barely made it through some high water, just driving one mile to the school. I called Andy, and said, there's no way I'm going back through he drove down to the park, and waited on the other side of the water for me to get Ian and Tysen. it took awhile to get the boys, and meanwhile, all entrances to our neighborhood closed because they were under water. so now, I couldn't leave the neighborhood to get Logan, and I couldn't even get home! Andy walked through the high waters (waist high) after, rescuing a little boy who tried to ride his bike through, and came to our side as we were still parked at the school. we ended up leaving our car at the school, and catching a ride from this guy who happened to be driving past us in this huge army truck! the boys thought it was pretty of our neighbors picked up logan from school, but they couldn't even get into our neighborhood until after 6pm, as so many roads in bryan were flooded. it was a crazy day!!!!

officially ending school with an ICECREAM EMERGENCY!! its hard to catch logan asleep since he stays up later, but he did go to bed, and we got them up at 9:30pm and ran for some emergency icecream....
we were driving to fort worth to celebrate Haley's graduation, and we made a quick stop to see the Spooners, since I had a few things to give her. it was only like 30 minutes...but it was so good to hold and play with Declan for a bit!
stayed the night in fort worth and had a fun dinner for Haley! of course, that morning, papaw and the boys went out for was a quick visit, but fun to see everyone!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

first weekend in may

ian finally decided what he wanted to do for his 10 year trip with dad...go to a trampoline park! well, easy peesy....we booked a hotel, and sent them on their way...they went to a movie the night before and enjoyed the pool and hot tub at the hotel. saturday was the trampoline park followed by lunch at golden corral....and an extra surprise...zach and uncle brian came to join them! zach and ian are only 2 weeks apart, and have been best friends since birth....we have never lived in the same city together, but they have a deep brotherly love that i expect to last a lifetime. i LOVE that they have cousins that they adore and love. what a special for ian with his dad!!!!!
mother's day!! the day i get to take pictures and they can't complain! :) they had some sweet gifts for me that i opened the night before...and then we went to cotton patch for lunch, followed by the captain America 3 movie!!
the more realistic picture of my life...
my new shirt that sports how much i love being a mom to all boys!!

special dinner

what an incredible group of youth leader the Lord gave us this year. their hearts for Jesus are simply inspiring...and we just love serving with them in ministry. they set up a special dinner for andy and I...we were supposed to go on a double date with a couple, and then when they showed up...they had a little note that said, 'change of plans...dress fancy...etc'...we were so surprised...but dressed up and they chauffeured us to one of the leaders house, where they had a beautiful dinner set up on the patio. they all served us different courses, gave us a frame with all their crazy pictures, and even had a little booklet of activities for us to do... we love these friends so deeply.  so thankful for them, and so blessed by this special evening.

youth leaders 2016

the 8th year of tysen

oh this little guy makes us smile so much. he is tender hearted and loving to the nth degree. he tells me all his stories...and everything that happened that day. he hates being alone...constantly wanting a friend, brother, or anyone to play with him or at least be in the same room. he loves JESUS with an absolute child-like faith... he is a planner...and had a written plan for his birthday by april 1st. but he is also flexible...and will just go with the flow. he eats an apple (and sometimes 2) every day...loves chicken nuggets and desperately wants to eat cheetos and doritoes but they hurt his tummy since he is still allergic to corn. he loves to can always count on a song when he is in the bathroom or shower...:) he serves his brothers without them asking, and would do anything for his mom and dad. his heart amazes me....and he is SO loved.
happy birthday ty-man!!!
for his birthday, he wanted to go to los cucos, and then get slushies instead of cake. he invited 3 of his buddies (gideon, emery, and will)...and we set out...pulled up to the restaurant, and los cucos had no power! bah! we ended up at freddy's next door....and he also changed his mind about the slushies and decided he wanted spoons icecream instead....:)

Monday, April 18, 2016

conference in kentucky

a couple months ago, carleigh and brian were here and we were randomly talking, and brian mentioned he was going to kentucky for a pastors conference in april....that's when we realized we were all going to the same conference!! we didn't have room arrangements, so we booked a house together! the conference was good, but it was amazing to be away for the week with my sister! we got to try out some fun places to eat...took one morning off to visit churchill downs and the kentucky derby museum....LAUGHED A LOT....and had icecream at the two rival places in town...which, the comfy cow clearly won that debate....and just had a great time being away together!