Thursday, October 16, 2014

the after party

the weekend after the wedding in mexico, adam and yvette had a reception in was super fun...great food...and loved that the boys were in on this "party"...:) 
we stayed the night at joey and kyles...i always love to snap these "twin" shots...:) thankfully, the boys were out of school for columbus day on we got to spend the day at 6 Flags! it was slightly chilling in the morning... but there weren't a lot of crowds at first, so that was nice. sadly, there was a technical difficulty that basically shut the whole park down for about an hour...we had lunch during that time, but then after that point, the lines for rides were way too long! we did get to hit up the kids halloween area, and they enjoyed that! love our season passes from ana and papaw!! :)

the big little brother gets married...

well the youngest in andy's family got Playa del Carmen, Mexico!!  what a fun way to start their new life together! andy did the ceremony, joey played was such a special night. yes, it was pretty chaotic...getting to mexico...figuring everything out...getting ready...and then boom. wedding. but even if everything ran the end of the night...they were married...and then we all got some great chill time for 2 more days!!  the resort was pretty "jungle" like...lots of wild animals running around...lots of trails. we had so much fun getting to know adam and yvette's close group of friends, and getting some extra family time! the guys did some snorkeling...i wasn't too interested after terry said the fish will nibble on your feet...but they enjoyed that!! and we had a big enough crew for lots of volleyball. super fun. made me feel pretty old though at how tiring it was!! the best part of the trip was just having tons of relaxing time with my favorite person...the love of my life...

Friday, September 12, 2014

labor day weekend

labor day was CRAZY. but AWESOME. we started at mom's house and had lunch with a few siblings that were in town. we didn't have all the siblings, but we did have all the obviously, we had to take a picture!
this was just one of the sweetest moments i've ever seen! hattie is very attached to her momma, and doesn't let many people hold her. but as andy and trey were talking on the couch, hattie just slowly scooted over into andy's lap, and just laid with him. it was absolutely precious. she just laid there with him for like 10 min, and held his wrist like that. melted my heart. 
after lunch, we headed out to aledo and had a fun dinner with the brotherhood families. i can't believe we didn't get more pictures, but i did snap this one of the boys and sons playing football. and the one where andy and joey climbed on the roof for a dang frisbee. so insane. never a dull moment with these friends. but we are SO blessed to have such special lifelong friends!!
sunday we went to hurricane was slightly derailed with tysen being sick...but he got to go for a little while...then monday...the WHOLE vanderveer family was together. which is crazy we got some pictures!