Tuesday, June 30, 2015

drive in...

each month we make time to see our dear friends, the batlucks...this time...we swam for a bit at their place...then went to see "inside out" at the drive in movie! super fun!!! and great hang time!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

father's day

for the first time ever, we got to spend father's day weekend with my dad! we met up at aunties in brenham...had a delicious dinner at "yum"...and then went next door to the candy shop where g-pa blew their minds with how much candy they got!! it was a fun day for all!

vandy visits

since we recently lost our sweet grammy (though as tysen says, we can be happy that she is with Jesus now!)...we got a lot of time with vandys lately. even for sad reasons, we always love our family time! we even squeezed in a trip to hurricane harbor...

moving up

moving up in the world is super exciting to me. i have not ever been one to hold on to the past, or wish i could go back. i love moving forward. this year, logan graduated from 5th grade! this makes him an official middle schooler. i am not totally sure i am ready for that....but here we go!

andy also is moving up...37 years old!! he said that is the first number that he has the inkling of feeling old. it was a casual day of his favorites...pool, movie, and panda express! 
still so desperately in love with my handsome 37 year old!


may has come and gone...but the baby in my family GRADUATED!! lil sambo is officially an adult....he graduated, got a job, and moved off to new mexico! we almost had all the "original" kids in this picture...just missing carleigh. its always fun to have an excuse to have family in town!!
the 4th grade living statues project. ian did awesome...andy helped him make the rifle...and ian insisted his hair be black. i can't even remember the historical figure he was, but he had his lines memorized and did awesome!
just some random family time and hanging with the marshalls!

Monday, May 4, 2015

tysen's 7th birthday

its always awesome to watch your kids grow up...but there is something about the youngest getting older....tysen turned 7 this year....and it is just so fun to be his mom! this kid makes us laugh EVERY day...he is witty and caring...the most tender and nurturing heart...seriously spastic and unpredictable...but so loving and sincere.... he is one of 4 boys that just has my heart completely. 
he loves cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets. his favorite fruit is a watermelon and apples....(the only kid who will choose fruit on his own). he loves legos, friends, playing with guys, minecraft. his number one question that he asks at least 5 times a day is "dad, can we wrestle?"...he never slows down unless he is sick. he would jump on the trampoline with his brothers all day long if they would! he is a little like ian in that he loves legos and drawing...and he is a little like logan in that he loves to play with friends, and be active. he loves his family so much...and we absolutely adore our little ty-man.
the birthday boy always chooses dinner...he was dead set on jack in the box, until we were in the car, and suddenly decided he wanted a happy meal, so we ended up at mcdonalds...then spoons for icecream!!
we had a "superhero" birthday party, and several buddies from his class and church joined us...and the special treat was that the other vandys were in town, so his bestie max was able to be there! super fun!

Monday, April 20, 2015

quick trip to denton

last weekend we had plans for our sweet friends, the fannings to come visit us. WELL. our beloved kyle atwater decided to propose that same weekend, so we flipped our plans and we headed to denton instead so we could be there to celebrate with them. we had a great time hanging with britt and jason...and then saturday afternoon we went to the surprise engagement party!! we are just SO thrilled for kyle and sarah...sarah was a part of our leader bible study, and such a sweet part of our lives when we were at DBC...and of course kyle became a part of our family while he was in college station. it was seriously something i dreaded when he moved...him dating someone we didn't know, and we just wouldn't be able to know his wife the way we really wanted to, because he was so special to our family. who knew that he would move back to denton, and fall in love with sarah!! someone we loved so dearly already...ah! so thankful we could be there to rejoice during that special time with them!!!